MonteNapoleone14 | Bistro | Concept store & More

Montenapoleone14, conceived and designed by the architect and interior designer Aline Soares de Andrade, has been studied as a container that welcomes good taste. The design envelops and at the same time highlights the exhibits, using the light – dark contrast obtained from the surfaces and the illuminations.

The restaurant has a strong identity that reflects the personality of the environment and offers the possibility of changing his face without losing its characteristics, in a versatile and flexible way.

The Bistrot blends sinuously with the concept store, in contrast to the straight and rigid lines of the containers and exhibitors. The curved lines of the tables and chairs find the right insertion in this precise and modular environment, making it welcoming and harmonious. An environment created to welcome the guest and give him the opportunity to experience an blend of relaxation, wellness and inspiration.

MonteNapoleone14 represents not only a place to taste excellences, but also a space where fashion, jewelry, art and beauty coexist in full harmony. The keyword is “transformation”.

“Here the dimension of time, the intimate reflection of refinement, the unique perception of a polite atmosphere create unexpected sensations that lead us into a living that communicates serenity and tranquility”.

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